Get ’em while they’re here…Palisade Peaches

September 2, 2014

They say you haven’t tasted a peach until you’ve tasted a Colorado Palisade peach. And, that’s saying something considering other parts of the country have made the peach its state symbol! Its velvety skin, deep and rich colors and juiciness make Palisades peaches a delicacy that people wait for year round. Plus, the numerous varieties… Read more »

Fresh or canned pumpkin? I’m a fan of the can!

November 15, 2013

With the hubbub of the holiday season, busy cooks want to know…is fresh or canned pumpkin the way to go? In a lot of cases, I advocate for fresh herbs and veggies. But, when it comes to pumpkin – I’m a fan of the can. Sure, you can go to the trouble of cutting, cleaning,… Read more »

Four ways to finger-lickin’ good Barbeque Sauce

June 10, 2013

If you want to start a fight among foodies – have them debate the merits of their favorite regional barbecue sauce! Whether you like your meat with a dry rub, mopped with a sweet sauce or smoked over mesquite – there’s a method and taste to suit every palate. There are four generally recognized styles… Read more »

Feta cheese

June 5, 2013

Feta is a white, brined cheese with small or no holes, a compact texture and no skin. It is usually formed into large blocks, which are submerged in brine. Its flavor is fresh, tangy, slightly herbal and always somewhat salty. The saltiness comes largely from the brine it is packed in. Purchasing feta not stored… Read more »

The incredible, edible egg

January 13, 2012

You’ve seen the ads and heard the jingle about the Incredible, Edible Egg. But, have you stopped to review how healthy, powerful and wonderful this self-contained food really is? Eaten whole, one egg has lots of vitamins and minerals – all for 70 calories per egg. Some time ago, Americans began to shy away from… Read more »

The scoop on couscous

May 31, 2011

Couscous – it’s not just fun to say! It’s a delicious alternative to many of the other starches that often grace our plates. A wonderful break from long-grain rice and potatoes, couscous is the perfect pantry staple – especially when you learn how good it is for you! Couscous is among the healthiest grain-based products…. Read more »

well-seasoned kitchen cooking tips

Get to know your tomatoes

April 11, 2011

You say ‘to-may-to,’ I say’ to-mah-to’ – the root of our differences likely stem from the fact that there are more than 7,500 tomato varieties worldwide! About 130 million tons of tomatoes are produced annually every year. While China is the largest tomato producer, the United States and Turkey aren’t far behind. For just one… Read more »

Braising Chicken Breasts

March 28, 2011

When a recipe calls for cooked chicken, my preferred method is braising, using boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I find this method results in tender, moist, flavorful chicken. Braised Chicken Breast When a recipe calls for cooked chicken (and many of mine do!), my preferred method is braising – most often boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The… Read more »

Demystifying smoked salmon

March 25, 2011

Smoked salmon is a true delicacy. It’s flaky, smoky and a flexible main ingredient for a variety of dishes. Often, it is thinly sliced and served on bagels with cream cheese or on Melba toast with sliced red onion, lemon and capers. You might even find smoked salmon in patés, quiches, pasta sauces and even… Read more »

image showing different varieties of sweet potatoes

What is the Difference between a Yam and a Sweet Potato?

February 4, 2011

Sweet Potato vs. Yams For years, we’ve been arguing over the pronunciation of the plain ol’ potato. But, there is a bigger discussion at hand in root vegetable world – what’s the difference between a sweet potato and a yam? There’s been a lot of confusion perhaps due to how they’re used, how they’ve been… Read more »

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