Ladies Luncheon

This is a perfect meal for your bridge group or a larger gathering such as a bridal or baby shower – or just getting the girls together for lunch! Benedictine Cheese Canapés (p.14, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen) Layered Chicken Salad with Tarragon Dressing (p.80, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen) Buttermilk Cornbread (p.219, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen ) or Nama’s Rolls… Read more »

Cocktail Buffet for a Crowd

Once or twice a year we gather all the friends together for a fun evening of friendship and cocktails. To control your stress level, mom taught me to always make sure that at least half of the items for a large cocktail party can be made ahead and frozen, which you can do here with… Read more »

Book Club Dinner

A book club get-together should be as delicious as it is mind-provoking! So grab your favorite read – whether a timeless classic or a juicy novel – and add this contemporary menu to feed the conversation. Pesto Cheese Wafers (p.27, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen) Baked Halibut with Tomatoes and Capers with a Feta-Crumb Crust (p.143, A… Read more »

Après Ski

Make the Lasagna and Cake ahead and freeze them, then take them out the day you are serving, which leaves very little prep to be done after a long day of skiing. This is a hearty meal that satisfies those après ski appetites! Camembert Sauté (p.22, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen) Mexican Chicken Lasagna (p.171, A Well-Seasoned… Read more »

White bowl filled with Spinach Farfalle Bolognese, sitting with a glass of red wine

Holiday Celebration

Mom always served some version of this menu, with the Farfalle as the centerpiece, for our buffet dinner every year on Christmas Eve because she could make everything ahead and even freeze some of the items (such as the Clam Rolls and Nama’s Rolls). She served Sally’s Chocolate Almond Toffee, Christmas cookies and vanilla ice… Read more »

French Picnic in the Park

This picnic is impressive in its simplicity. Mom’s wonderful Sausage and Spinach Torte is the star with the other dishes as complements. Purchased French cheeses with a baguette Sausage and Spinach Torte (p.137, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen) Assorted mustards Baby greens tossed with Sharp Vinaigrette Dressing (p.78, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen) Almond Macaroons (p.258, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen)… Read more »

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