Asian Shrimp and Brown Rice Salad

Flavored with pungent fresh ginger, soy sauce and dark sesame oil, Asian Shrimp and Brown Rice Salad is bursting with delicious flavors! One night, I decided to get a little creative when preparing dinner for Robert, and this Asian Shrimp and Brown Rice Salad was born. It was a busy day, so I was preparing… Read more »


Turkey Pie with Spinach-Brown Rice Crust

Another delicious recipe from mom, slightly adapted by me.  Mom introduced me to artichokes as a little girl, and I love them in virtually all forms – steamed, grilled, baked, in casseroles, etc. They are a great complement to the turkey, Portobello mushrooms and curry flavors in this dish. This has become one of my… Read more »

Lee Clayton Roper


I’m Lee Clayton Roper, and I’m passionate about making cooking and entertaining easy, elegant and fun. Here you’ll find scrumptious recipes, helpful tips and seasonal menus that will spark inspiration in your kitchen!
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