A Well-Seasoned Kitchen® is a loving collaboration of mother and daughter, Sally Clayton and Lee Clayton Roper, everyday home gourmet cooks who had a special bond with food always at the epicenter.Sally began refining her cooking capabilities after she married, quickly earning a reputation as a talented cook and gracious hostess. She boosted her cooking credibility when she was one of the first to add a food processor and microwave to her gadget repertoire before most had even heard of them.

Inspired by Sally’s culinary courage and creativity, Lee held her first dinner party at age 16.

Today, Lee regularly hosts dinner parties with beautiful tablescapes, creative menus and scrumptious meals. After years of friends turning to Lee with cooking questions for her know-how and encouragement, she now teaches cooking classes, writes a cooking blog and speaks frequently on the loving family story behind the book. She is also a regular guest on local TV news and talk shows conducting cooking demonstrations.

Sadly, Sally passed as the cookbook entered its final phase. Lee finished it in her honor.

Sally and Lee’s efforts were recognized with a Living Now Gold Medal Book Award.