Fresh corn for a crowd

August 12, 2017

There’s nothing like a fresh ear of corn during the summer. It’s the perfect complement to any BBQ, and everyone loves it, even kids! My go-to preparations for fresh corn are boiling, grilling or sautéing. However, I have never been able to serve fresh corn to a crowd. Even my largest stock pot will hold… Read more »

14 tips on making fresh, flavorful salads

July 7, 2017

I often get requests to share my tips on making fresh and flavorful salads – in fact, my recommendations were featured in an article on salad making in the Colorado Springs Gazette. I have 14 tips to share that ensure you will have delicious, beautiful salads every time! My tips are divided into four sections:… Read more »


Making a collar for a soufflé dish

February 21, 2017

In many soufflé recipes, the contents rise taller than the dish they are baked in. In order to support the batter as it rises, we attach a “collar” to the top of the pan. Here’s how I do it: Tear off a large sheet of foil long enough to wrap around soufflé dish and overlap… Read more »

tips on buying and storing fresh fish

Tips on Buying and Storing Fresh Fish

February 8, 2017

In my cooking classes, I am often asked for advice on handling fish. So, I thought I would share here my 10 tips on buying and storing fresh fish: 1. Pick the right market. Choose a fish market with knowledgeable sales people and high turnover. Makes your job a lot easier if they know what… Read more »


How to Poach an Egg

November 23, 2016

I love poached eggs, but was always frustrated when they didn’t come out nicely shaped – I didn’t like the trailing pieces or rough edges on the whites. After experimenting with around a half dozen different tips on making “the perfect” poached egg, I created an approach that consistently works for me, and isn’t difficult…. Read more »

Perfect Pasta, Every Time

June 6, 2016

In my cooking classes, I am often asked for my secrets on how to cook pasta correctly – to ensure that it comes out flavorful, just al dente (not too chewy nor soft), not stuck together, and not slippery. So, here are my top 10 tips: Use enough water – in the correct size (i.e.,… Read more »

parchment paper filled with Roasted Fresh Tomatoes

Roasting Fresh Tomatoes

Delicious tomatoes in the dead of winter? Why, yes – roasting fresh ones is the key. Do you love fresh tomatoes in your salads, but are frustrated by the lack of flavor and bland color of out-of-season (or store-bought) tomatoes? Well, look no further! I have found that roasting Italian (or Roma or plum) tomatoes… Read more »

Best Way to Grill Shrimp

August 27, 2015

The best way to grill shrimp is on skewers, on an oiled grill rack. First, soak 12-inch long skewers in water for a least 30 minutes. Preheat grill to high. Put vegetable oil or olive oil in a small bowl. Soak an old dishcloth or paper towel in the oil, draining off excess. When the… Read more »

Step one of butterflying a chicken breast - slicing from the side with hand on top

Butterflying and Halving Chicken Breasts

March 18, 2015

I love to cook chicken because it’s so versatile, and always have a few breasts in the freezer. Now, is it just me, or are chicken breast halves getting larger and larger these days? I find that, most of the time, one breast half is plenty to serve two people. The problem is how to… Read more »

basket filled with Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Muffin Baking Tips

March 10, 2015

I love to make muffins. They are super easy to prepare, and tend to freeze well, so you can make a bunch and have some ready for later. Here are some tips for making your muffins come out great every time: Don’t over mix your batter. Just mix until the ingredients are blended. If you… Read more »

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