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I love the flavor of ginger, and you will find it in many of our recipes (see some examples below). I especially like to use fresh ginger when I can. When purchasing ginger, look for 2 to 4-inch long pieces in the produce section of your grocery store. It’s often in a basket. Make sure you are getting a fresh piece – it should be hard and the skin shouldn’t be wrinkled or dry looking. Break off a piece around the size you need if all of the pieces are large – yes, it’s OK to do this!

To store ginger, peel it and put it in a jar with a fitted lid. Then pour in vodka to cover the ginger, screw on the lid and refrigerate. It will keep for weeks in your frig – and you will have ginger infused vodka to drink in a yummy cocktail! If you don’t have vodka, you can use sherry or white wine too.

Here are some of our favorite recipes with fresh ginger:

Ginger-Orange Chicken with Spicy Couscous

Caribbean Fruit Salad in a Citrus-Ginger Sauce

Rum Pumpkin Tart

Rum Pumpkin Pots de Creme


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2 Responses to “Buying and storing fresh ginger”

  1. Dottie Prince

    I don’t have or use alcoholic beverages of any kind. Is there another way to store fresh ginger? I love the taste, but am on a limited fixed income and get paid monthly. I try to buy fresh ginger often, but find most of it spoils before I can use it all because I don’t have a good method to store it.


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