I love the flavor of ginger, and you will find it in many of my recipes. It’s pungent, spicy, slightly peppery flavor adds depth and punch to many many dishes. While ginger comes in three forms – ground, crystallized and fresh – my favorite is to use fresh ginger root. So, today I’m sharing with you my tips and tricks on how to buy, peel, chop and store ginger root.

Quick Tip

When buying fresh ginger, it should be hard, look fresh and the skin shouldn’t be wrinkled or dry.

Buying, peeling, chopping and storing fresh ginger

  1. Where do you find ginger in the grocery store

    You’ll find fresh ginger in the produce section of your local grocery store often in a basket.

  2. How to select the best fresh ginger

    It should be hard, look fresh and the skin shouldn’t be wrinkled or dry. If the pieces are large, break off a piece around the size you need – it should break off cleanly (another check of freshness).

  3. How to peel ginger

    Peeling fresh ginger is surprisingly easy. Simply grab an everyday tablespoon and scrape off the skin. Then, cut off any small nubby pieces that are too hard to peel.

    hands using a tablespoon to peel fresh ginger

  4. How to chop ginger

    The best way to chop ginger is in 4 steps:
    1. Cut off any small nubby pieces.
    2. Slice ginger into small coins, across the grain/fibers.
    3. Stack slices and cut into matchstick pieces (aka julienne).
    4. Chop matchsticks into small pieces.

    collage of 3 photos showing how to slice and chop ginger

  5. How to store fresh ginger

    My favorite way to store fresh ginger is to peel it and place it in a jar filled with vodka. Sealed, it will keep in your refrigerator for several weeks. And, when you’ve used up all the ginger, you have ginger-infused vodka to use in a cocktail!

    hands holding a glass jar filled with vodka and peeled fresh ginger pieces

  6. How to use fresh ginger

    There are many many uses for fresh ginger. It’s a fabulous flavor enhancer in many dishes – it amps up the flavor, lessening the need for salt in many dishes. I like to use it in soups, marinades and salad dressings – lots of the ginger flavor is in its juice, which combines with other liquids easily Here are some of my favorite recipes with fresh ginger:

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  1. I don’t have or use alcoholic beverages of any kind. Is there another way to store fresh ginger? I love the taste, but am on a limited fixed income and get paid monthly. I try to buy fresh ginger often, but find most of it spoils before I can use it all because I don’t have a good method to store it.