From delectable appetizers and creative salads to surprisingly easy-to-prepare main courses and luscious desserts, each recipe in Fresh Tastes was evaluated by a multitude of testers across the country, with varying levels of expertise, appliances and even at different altitudes. Only the best, most flavorful, eye catching dishes made the cut.

The combination of updated classics and contemporary fare will inspire you to create fresh, delicious and sophisticated dishes—and empower you to explore your own creativity in the kitchen.


Fresh Tastes Features

  • 173 recipes – a combination of Lee’s own spin on dishes shared with her by friends and family, as well as flavorful creations direct from her own kitchen
  • 65 beautiful color photographs of finished dishes, plus 18 photographs of key preparation steps
  • Indispensable cooking tips, serving suggestions and a helpful menu section for entertaining
  • Lee’s personal reflections on lessons learned in the kitchen and from inspiring people and places throughout her life

Reader Reviews

Roper’s follow-up to A Well-Seasoned Kitchen® expands on the approachable favorites that made her first effort such a hit, this time with a “fresh” take on classics that lend themselves to parties and get-togethers. This is a solid effort with practical dishes readers will likely find themselves returning to.

Publishers Weekly Assistance League of Greater Cincinnati

Fresh Tastes from cookbook author Lee Clayton Roper is the latest gem in her A Well-Seasoned Kitchen® collection. While I boast a large cookbook library, I’m quite discerning about which books earn a coveted spot. Lee’s beautiful cookbooks always make the cut, as her delicious recipes are perfect for both entertaining and casual weeknight meals.

JENNY HARTIN Creator and founder of The Cookbook Junkies,

A Well-Seasoned Kitchen

another great cookbook

A Well-Seasoned Kitchen® is a gold medal-winning treasury of over 180 delicious recipes, creative menus, beautiful 4-color photos and poignant memories of cooking and entertaining together.

From a family meal to a dinner fit for guests, Lee Clayton Roper’s recipes are creative, seasonal and approachable for home cooks of all tastes and skills.

Kimberly Lord Stewart Denver Life Magazine food editor, and author of Eating Between The Lines

What makes this book special — at least for those who live in Denver — is the glimpse it gives into the lives and tastes of others. Lee grew up in a prominent family and thus made some equally prominent friends, all of whom were terrific cooks. The late Dorothy Hartwell’s potato salad, for example, was a tradition at the Hartwell family’s summer dinner. Missy Eliot’s Spiced Bacon Twists are served at the ornament exchange brunch that Missy hosts every year, and Diane Reeder introduced Lee to her Pureed Black Bean Soup during a ski club outing. I have made each of them and can vouch for the taste treat that they are. Lee’s husband, Robert Roper, figures prominently, too. His recipes for the Perfect Manhattan and the Perfect Martini are bookmarked for my holiday entertaining, and for an upcoming potluck lunch I am going to contribute the egg salad and smoked salmon on a toasted bagel that Lee created for him. The book also includes helpful tips (“Sometimes a can of organic tomatoes adds more flavor than an out-of-season fresh one”) and sample menus for such occasions as a Valentine’s Day Dinner, Easter Brunch or a Memorial Day Get-Together. This is one cookbook you won’t want to miss!

Joanne Davidson Freelance Writer and former society editor for The Denver Post

Lee’s passion for life is tied closely to her love of cooking, entertaining, family, and friends.  In this beautiful book, Lee shares her passion through personal stories of friendship, captivating photographs, and delectable recipes with easily sourced ingredients.  A must-have in every home cook’s library!

Christy Rost Public Television Chef, Executive Producer, Cookbook Author

Fresh TastesLee Clayton Roper’s follow up to her award winning cookbook, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®is simply terrific. A highly curated collection of recipes, cooking tips and inspirations, this cookbook offers the home gourmet the keys to smart entertaining, with dishes that are easy to prepare, beautiful to serve, and sure to wow friends and family every time.

Pat Miller Denver’s Gabby Gourmet

When A Well-Seasoned Kitchen® came out a couple of years ago, it quickly became a family favorite. I have no doubt that Fresh Tastes will take its place right next to the original.

Amanda M. Faison food editor, 5280 Magazine