I love to grill shrimp – adding that bit of smokiness and the grill marks make it special. Over the years, I’ve experimented with various methods and have determine the best way to grill shrimp, which I’m sharing with you!

How to grill shrimp

The best way to grill shrimp is on skewers, on an oiled grill rack.

  1. Prep skewers.

    First, if using 12-inch wooden skewers, soak them in water for a least 30 minutes.

  2. Prep grill.

    Preheat grill to high.

  3. When grill is hot, oil rack.

    Put vegetable oil in a small bowl. Soak an old dishcloth or paper towel in the oil, draining off excess. When the grill is hot, using grill tongs carefully run the oil-soaked cloth quickly over the grill surface to coat. It may flame up a bit, but that’s OK, it should stop quickly.

  4. Place shrimp on skewers.

    Thread shelled shrimp on skewers, piercing through the head and the tail of each shrimp so they form a “u” on the skewer.

  5. Grill.

    Place skewered shrimp on the oiled surface and grill, uncovered.

  6. Turn over and finish.

    When the shrimp no longer stick to the grill surface, they are ready to flip over and continue cooking, just until pink (usually around 2 to 4 minutes per side).

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  1. We’ll be grilling as long as we can here! These are great tips! I shared on Facebook over the weekend! 🙂

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