For over 25 years, Lee Clayton Roper was a successful cable television executive attending to high profile projects around the world. She oversaw the creation and launch of numerous new products, negotiated large deals and was frequently invited to speak at national and international conventions, conferences and corporate gatherings. But in her heart, she never strayed far from the family kitchen—where she always found comfort and strength. In 2009 she made the move from the corporate world to pursue her passion for cooking and entertaining.

Today, Lee is an award-winning cookbook author, cooking instructor, public speaker and TV personality. Her first book, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®, co-written with her mother Sally Clayton, received numerous rave reviews, and is often featured in local and national press. In 2010, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen® achieved national acclaim, winning the prestigious “Living Now” gold medal. With Fresh Tastes, published in November 2015, Lee expands the A Well-Seasoned Kitchen® collection, serving up fresh, delicious and sophisticated dishes guaranteed to inspire creativity in kitchens everywhere.

At every appearance, Lee delivers a pinch of practical advice and a healthy serving of inspiration.

Lee shares her passion with others via public speaking. Leveraging her previous experience as a masterful corporate speaker, Lee has honed her on-stage presence, messages and style. She is dynamic, engaging and charming as she delivers motivational keynotes about her experiences—both in and out of the kitchen. In addition to sharing her expertise on the cooking and entertaining lifestyle, she has become a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of leadership, entrepreneurship—and more personally, the loving story of Lee and her mother’s personal journey that inspired the A Well-Seasoned Kitchen® cookbook collection. Her stories about following her heart leave audiences inspired and encouraged to reflect upon their own lives.

Subjects Lee speaks about:

  • The loving story behind the development of her first book, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®, and how she created a more meaningful relationship with her aging mother as they wrote the cookbook together
  • Lessons learned—both in and out of the kitchen—from people and places that have inspired her
  • Finding the courage to change careers and pursue your passion
  • Lee’s 10 Key Ingredients for a Successful Career
  • Stress-Free Entertaining—Tips, Menus and Recipes
  • Kitchen How-To—Cooking with Fresh Herbs, Easy Grilling Techniques and More
  • How to Write and Publish a Cookbook

What People are Saying

Lee was wonderful. She is an excellent speaker whom the audience loved. We were very fortunate to have her at our event.

Books & Brunch Committee

Assistance League of Greater Cincinnati

Lee took the time to know and understand our organization and our goals with our special event. She then took that information and related it to her own experiences. The result was a wonderful evening of meaningful storytelling and sharing of Lee’s personal experiences and expertise that captivated and entertained our guests while at the same time supporting our mission of enriching the lives of seniors. As an additional bonus Lee worked with the hotel chef and we were able to have a few items from her cookbook prepared for our more than 400 guests. Thanks to Lee, the evening was a home run!

Pam Sullivan

Associate Executive Director, Marketing and Development, Christian Living Communities

The Crestmoor Park Garden Club had the pleasure of hosting Lee Clayton Roper, co-author of A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®, as a speaker and guest chef. Her warm personality and wonderful cooking demonstration made for one of our best (and tastiest) meetings!

Missy Eliot

Working with Lee to speak at one of our Women’s Networking Events was an absolute pleasure. Not only was she flexible while scheduling the event, but her presentation was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. The messaging was beautifully adapted to relate to the targeted audience and helped to drive key points home in a fun and memorable format. The attendees found her interactive presentation a great change of pace and of course the food was delicious. Thanks for making the afternoon memorable!

Julie Wohlers

Communications Manager, CSG international