Seafood Phyllo Bundles with Creole Mustard Sauce

February 20, 2017

These make-ahead Seafood Phyllo Bundles are packed with flavor, scrumptious and impressive to serve.  Shrimp and crab are seasoned with the “holy trinity of Cajun cooking” (onions, bell peppers and celery) and Old Bay, mixed together with cream cheese and then wrapped in a delicate phyllo pastry. As if that isn’t enough, these delectable bundles… Read more »


Roasted Salmon Steaks

February 7, 2017

Basting salmon with a lemon-butter sauce is a traditional way to serve this fish – it’s the first way I ever ate it as a child. I have vivid memories of a family vacation in Alaska, when I was fifteen years old, and we were camping in a Winnebago RV and fly fishing. One day,… Read more »


Quick Shrimp Scampi Three Ways

May 25, 2016

I have been eating some version of shrimp scampi since I was a little girl, and have always loved it. Not surprising, since I love most dishes with butter and garlic in them! When getting ready to share my recipe for shrimp scampi, I got to thinking – what is the history behind this delectable… Read more »


Baked Fish on Lettuce

April 14, 2016

OK, I know it sounds strange – baking fish on lettuce? Really? I can promise you that it’s delicious! This recipe has been around for many years, yet I still have friends who ask for it when they come to dinner. Despite its simplicity, it’s very impressive looking, especially if you bake it in an… Read more »


Salmon and Vegetables en Papillote

September 10, 2013

We love cooking fish en papillote, which simply means wrapping it in a parchment paper or foil package and then baking it. You can also cook fish this way on the grill. For this recipe, you can use any combination of the vegetables you like or that are in season. For step-by-step instructions on how… Read more »

Tuna Pasta Salad with Pesto Dressing

August 16, 2013

I found this salad recipe buried in my mom’s files; it was given to her by Marne Kellogg — a friend to us both and the daughter of my parents’ good friends Margie and Jack Davis. When I make it, I use my favorite Spinach Basil Pesto recipe, and substitute shelled edamame for the green… Read more »


Grilled Tuna with Puttanesca Sauce

June 12, 2013

With this grilled tuna recipe, you can have a delicious and colorful dish on the table in minutes. The flavor of the tuna blends perfectly with a sauce of tomatoes, olives, capers, garlic, lemon juice, anchovy and oregano. Watch me make Grilled Tuna with Puttanesca Sauce with Tom Green on Denver’s CW affiliate, KWGN during… Read more »

Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Tomato-Mango Salsa

May 30, 2012

I found a mango salsa recipe in mom’s files after she passed away. Recognizing the handwriting on the recipe card as my cousin Beth Kidwell’s, I knew it would be great. Beth is a real foodie, with a family full of gourmet cooks. In her salsa, Beth balances the sweetness of the of mango and… Read more »


Shrimp and Crab St. Jacques

February 25, 2010

Based loosely on the French dish Coquille St. Jacques, this recipe is easy enough for everyday and impressive enough for entertaining (especially if you put it in individual shell-shaped dishes). Like so many of our other dishes, all you need is a side salad, like Red Leaf Lettuce with Hot Bacon Dressing, and a good… Read more »


Baked Shrimp with Tomato, Feta Cheese and Capers

January 7, 2010

This recipe is a Clayton family favorite that mom and I have been serving to rave reviews for years. It’s perfect because all the prep work can be done in advance. Save Print Baked Shrimp with Tomato, Feta Cheese and Capers Serves: 4 Ingredients 3 cups canned Italian plum tomatoes (preferably imported), undrained – around 3… Read more »

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