While Robert and I were in Portland, Oregon visiting my stepson Adam, after consuming some scrumptious local ice cream (see my last post), he drove us about 30 minutes outside the city, up the Columbia River and into the beautiful Gorge for a hike to see the tallest waterfall in Oregon – Multnomah Falls. Along the way, the views of the Gorge from Highway I-84 were amazingly beautiful.


The hiking trail actually starts at the bottom of the Falls – that, at over 600 feet high, are truly awe-inspiring.


After a short walk (around 1/4 mile), you cross a bridge that spans the falls about 1/10 of the way up (you can see the bridge in the photo above).

Here is a photo of Robert and Adam having some father-son time together, on the bridge:


From the bridge to the to the top of the Falls is around another mile – it’s an easy hike and the trail is very well maintained (mostly paved).

IMG_5791 IMG_5793










With over 600 feet of gain in a relatively short distance, we had to stop and look at the fabulous view frequently to catch our breath (me and Robert, not Adam who could have easily cruised to the top with no stops!).


It was well worth the trek up there – as the view down the Columbia Gorge was even more beautiful from higher up!


Here is a shot of the tippy top of the Falls – where you can get a sense of the power of the water:


This is a short hike that isn’t too strenuous, but does make you feel like you are getting a workout while enjoying some spectacular scenery. A highly recommended activity while in the Portland area!

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