Day 9 of our road trip – we drove from Philadelphia to Lakewood, NJ to Colonial Airstream to meet our new trailer!

 Here’s a few shots of the interior (before we started moving in!):

Dinette (that also turns into a couch, or a bed):


The “kitchen” – including a gas range!:


The bedroom:


After an hour instruction session with Pat, our salesman, we started unpacking everything out of the car and into the trailer. Now I started to worry – where would all this stuff go??




Fortunately, airstreams are very well designed, and amazingly, it all fit! My favorite new trailer items include: plastic dishware that looks just like Italian pottery, stainless steel martini glasses and shaker, and plastic wine and bar glasses:


I also love our new Italian coffee maker and tin mugs – coffee tastes wonderful when brewed this way. I remember Laurie Smith, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen’s talented food photographer, makes her coffee with one of these contraptions:


I also can’t wait to use these great large tin mugs that were given to us by good friend Cynthia Ballantyne:


After our training session and moving in, we headed north to North Branch, NJ to meet my stepsons Adam and Jake and their significant others for dinner on the beach at the restaurant Avenue. What a place! The boys were a bit late, so we headed to the bar, only to discover $5 martinis – all brands of vodka!


Virtually everyone at the lengthy bar (40 feet long!) was drinking a martini –


Once the boys arrived, we were seated on the patio, which was on the beach. Great fun for a land-locked gal from Colorado!

View from our table:avenue-restaurant

Dinner was delicious – loved the Pissaladiere (onion tart with goat cheese) appetizer the best.

After dinner, we drove back to the dealership and slept in the trailer – in the parking lot! There was a couple from VA doing the same thing, so we had some company. Next morning (Day 10), Colonial’s excellent mechanic Billy taught us how to take the trailer on and off the hitch on the car. Here’s Billy with Robert:


And, we were ready to go! A farewell picture with Pat, our salesman who did our orientation . . robert-and-pat

. . . and off we headed to the Cape May-Lewes ferry, en route to Rehoboth Beach, DE.





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