With the hubbub of the holiday season, busy cooks want to know…is fresh or canned pumpkin the way to go? In a lot of cases, I advocate for fresh herbs and veggies. But, when it comes to pumpkin – I’m a fan of the can. Sure, you can go to the trouble of cutting, cleaning, roasting, scooping, straining and blending (phew…!). Or, you can go take out your trusty can opener and scoop out the delicious pumpkin inside.

I love canned pumpkin for a lot of reasons. First, you can’t beat the convenience factor. But, I also love it because it’s consistent. Unlike when you make your own, canned pumpkin doesn’t vary in thickness, texture or flavor. For this reason, many recipes call for canned pumpkin because the other ingredient amounts take a certain consistency into account.

As for brand, I always turn to Libby’s 100% Pure Canned Pumpkin. They call it America’s Favorite Pumpkin for good reason. I can always rely on the flavor and consistency to ensure my recipes turn out just right.

If you feel inspired and want to take the extra step, be sure that your puree is the proper consistency. You might have to strain it or add a bit of water to get the right texture.


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