Once you’ve tried bison, you’ll be hooked on its wonderful taste and versatility. When you’re ready to prepare this tender and delicious meat in other ways, you should give grilling a try. Before you prep bison for the grill, I have a couple of tips to maximize flavor.

First, it’s wise to remember that bison is leaner than beef so it can quickly dry out when cooking. For that reason, if you’re starting with frozen bison thaw it in the refrigerator or in hot water – defrosting in the microwave will significantly dry the meat. Marinating in an oil-based marinade also helps provide protection from a hot grill.

Second, when you’re ready to cook, prepare your grill to a medium heat. Bison doesn’t fare well with intense temperatures. Contrary to other cuts and kinds of beef, you’ll want to avoid searing. This intense heat will also dry the meat. You can adapt any beef recipe with bison – simply remember to cook it lower and a few minutes longer than you would beef. Bison is best cooked to a medium temperature to optimize flavor and tenderness. Never cook it well done.

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