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“And, they’re off!” Those words begin one of the most exciting events in all of sports.  On Saturday May 2nd, the Kentucky Derby will celebrate its 141st ‘run for the roses.’  While a horse race is at the heart of the spectacle, there are many intriguing aspects of the Derby experience. For the Clayton family, Derby Day is a ‘holiday’ that ranks just after Christmas and Easter. My mom, Sally, was from the Bluegrass state and was raised on Kentucky traditions. So, in keeping with her heritage, we’ve long celebrated Derby Day with fanfare, festivities and, of course, scrumptious food! Many Kentucky natives, and those who deem themselves Kentuckians during Derby Days, throw festive parties complete with extravagant hats, mint juleps that put the ‘spirit’ into the day and scrumptious food including benedictine cheese and chocolate pecan pie (also known as Derby Pie). If you join the action this year, you can create a simple affair or an elegant, high-society style event. No matter which you choose, here is an authentic Kentucky menu featuring traditional Derby Day fare. Enjoy!

Genuine Derby Day Mint Juleps (p.30, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®)
Benedictine Cheese Canapés (p.14, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®) or Kentucky Cheese Torte
Steaks with Dijon, Caper and Green Onion Sauce (p.110, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®)
Kentucky Corn Pudding (p.198, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®)
Stuffed Tomatoes Provencal with Parsley, Pine Nuts and Wine (p.190, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®)
Chocolate Pecan Pie (p.229, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen®)

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