New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, so it’s time to recognize our successes from this past year, as well as set our goals for the next year. And, there’s no better way to celebrate than with our loved ones. Robert and I like to have a special cocktail as part of our festivities. And, it’s not too late to decide on a featured cocktail to enjoy as part of your celebration. Here are seven of our favorites for you to choose from, featuring a variety of liquors and styles. One is frozen and another served warm, too!

1. Delicious Champagne Cocktail

Three champagne flutes filled with Champagne Cocktail

2. Lemon Ginger Bourbon Cocktail

lemon ginger bourbon cocktail over ice in a glass, garnished with a lemon slice

3. Robert’s Perfect Manhattan

4. Perfect Sidecar Cocktail


5. Frozen Brandy Alexander

martini glass filled with a Frozen Brandy Alexander

6. Snowblower Cocktail

Glass mug filled with a Snowblower Cocktail

7. Irish Cream Liqueur (a.k.a. Baileys)


Happy new year!!

Lee Clayton Roper


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  1. Chinazor Ominyi

    I totally love this article. Its a collection of some of my favorite drinks in one place. I am totally thrilled.

    The exciting part is the pictures….they are so alive!


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